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Housing Development

Agios Ioannis Lefkosias is one of the villages in the district of Lefkosia which has met a housing development in recent years. The peace and quiet of the community in combination with its location and the road network constitute the most important factors contributing to the housing development of Agios Ioannis. 

Being within such as close distance from the capital city is one of the main reasons that make more and more people choose to live in the area of Agios Ioannis Lefkosias. In particular, Agios Ioannis Lefkosias is built at a distance of just 18 kilometres from the capital city and is linked to it through an improved road network. Therefore, several residents of Agios Ioannis Lefkosias work at the capital city and commute to work from the village on a daily basis. Additionally, they also have the choice of working in several areas neighbouring Lefkosia and Lemesos, since the road network of Agios Ioannis is linked to the communities of Agioi Trimithias, Menoiko, Moni, Alona, Palaechori and Agros.

What is noteworthy is that the road network which links Agios Ioannis to the capital city is constantly upgraded. Construction works are being promoted so that the motorway is widened to four lanes, a project which will reach the borders of our community. 

However, apart from its location and road network, the infrastructure works of the Community Council, the operation of the Primary School and the hospitality of the residents also contributed to the housing development.  Nevertheless, there are some factors which inhibit housing development in the community. Some of them include the reforestation which took place in 1980 and the three army camps based in areas of the community and affect housing development negatively. 

The new housing zones of Agios Ioannis Lefkosias include the area of Korakas which is located north of the community, the location Galeftirka situated east of the community, the location Droumperi towards the south and the location Kokkini towards the west of the community.  

Andreas Mitas, President of the Community Council of Agios Ioannis Lefkosias

« December 2020 »

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